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Capilo Hydra In

Capilo Hydra In

Capilo Hydra.In Ultimate Hair Rescue. 
"No Sulphates, Parabens, Dyes or Allergens" 

Hydra.in is a line of treatments dedicated to extrme hair rescue.  The main function of these products is to nourish, repair and strengthen damaged, unbalanced hair or hair that has lost its density.

Hydra.in provides state-of-the -art solutions, thanks to its specific intensive treatments.  Its formulas are based on 7 precious organic oils taken directly from nature, whose properties have been known since the ancient times for their terrific results.

7 organic oils painstakingly selected for their benefits to the hair: Safflower, St. Johns Wort, Linseed, Babassu, Baobab, Jojoba & Sesame.

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Capilo Hydra.In is free of sulphates, parabens, sythetic dyes and allergens.

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