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Stella Brown Professional Hair Extensions

Stella Brown Professional Hair Extensions




Hair Extensions



Stella Brown Professional 20" Premium Hair Extensions offers the highest quality tape weft hair extensions,100% Human Remy hair (the cuticle is running in the same direction for manageability) Believe it or not there are extensions which have cuticles running upside down, this causes knotting and tangling and overall poor quality.

We provide 20″ in length and have strict qualtiy control processes in place to ensure the highest qualtiy every time.  Our hair as gone through a beautiful conditioning process which locks in the colour and the shine long term.

Why tape extensions?Why tape extensions?

They are so much more cost effective to have as a service in your salon, these are therefore so much more affordable for the client too, creating more business for you.

The hair is reusable lasts 6-8 weeks and a full head can be applied, cut and styled in just 1 hour. Other methods can take several hours to apply and sometimes are not reusable.

Because the cuticle is still intact you can colour or tone to match your clients unique colour if needed.

Feather ExtensionsFeather Extensions

The amazing new trend hitting the shores of Australia direct from the US. Check out our beautiful selection of these Premium 100% Natural Rooster Feathers.

We have Pure White long wide feathers or Black and White striped grizzly feathers. We have an array of colours to choose from – pinks to peach, turquoise, purple & blue, red, orange & green, yellow, black & white and all these colours come in the grizzly striped effect also.

The latest feathers to add to our current fashion trends is fluros!! They are multi coloured! The feathers are applied with micro beads and can be reused for months but need to be re adjusted around 6-8 weeks and like the extensions they grow out.

You can apply heat to these feathers up to 180oC they can be curled, waved, flicked, and straightened, they look striking and compliment any colour.

Have your clients see these on display in your salon window.



Your salon is only as good as your staff are and our hair extensions can only be amazing if you know what to do with them.

We offer in salon education to provide your staff with the skills they need to transform your clients and have their friends coming in for them too.




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