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Lycon Wax Kits

Lycon Wax Kits



Contains everything needed to create perfect and precise LYCON brows and for all lip, face and nose waxing. A must have for small work stations, mobile services and makeup artists. This LYCOpro Baby Heater holds 225g, suitable for hot & strip wax. Gently and accurately removes hair as short as 1mm, providing the most thorough and virtually pain free waxing treatment for your clients every time.


•  LYCOpro Baby Heater

•  LYCOpro Baby Insert

•  Lycojet Desert Rose Hot Wax 3 x 80g

•  Precise Face & Brow  Spatulas 10pk

•  Lycotane 20ml

•  Pre Waxing Oil 20ml

•  Tea Tree Soothe 20ml





With LYCON’s new LYCOpro Duo heater, you can heat 2 waxes at the same time…LYCOdream hybrid hot wax; the NOW! must have wax, and LYCON SoBerry strip wax, along with all the essentials for the most perfect waxing experience for the face, body and Brazilians. This is the kit that will make you stand out amongst professionals. 


•  LYCOpro Duo Wax Heater

•  1kg LYCOdream Hybrid Hot Wax

•  1kg SoBerry Delicious Strip Wax

•  125ml Lycotane

•  125ml Pre Waxing Oil

•  125ml Tea Tree Soothe

•  125ml Tea Tree Perfect

•  125ml Wax Solvent 

•  5ml Ingrown-X-it

•  Lycon Slanted Tweezers (pink)

•  100pk Lycon Tongue Depressors

•  250pc Epilace Waxing Strips

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