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Capilo Treatments

Capilo Treatments



Capilo is the first trichology line that is free of sulphates, parabens, allergens and silicones. 

Capilo offers a specific solution to every hair problem. A wide range of capillary treatments for hair loss, dandruff and oily scalp. It’s formula fact is the perfect symbiosis between active and natural ingredients.

All Capilo products include an active ingredient that guarantees the final result based on an effectiveness test. Its effects are boosted by two other natural ingredients acting in synergy for improved effectiveness and faster healing of the hair follicles.  The new Capilo tackles the issue in 88.5% of cases. In the case of problems related to progressive hair loss, we can retard the process.  The Capilo line incorporates Cell4vital, an exclusive technology from Eva Professional that focuses on speeding up hair growth during the anagen (active growth) phase, increasing the rate of the growth process.

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The ENERGIKUM line has been designed to fight a wide range of hair loss problems. It's a unique line that treats hair loss from a new perspective, adapting each formula to the idiosyncrasies of each problem, which enables us to provide effective, more specific solutions.


 The VITALIKUM line has been designed to fight a wide range of hair loss problems in combination with an overproduction of oil. A unique range that treats hair loss with specific, intensive solutions that work to give the hair back the vitality it has lost.



OXYGENUM treatments act with varying levels of intensity, according to the degree of sensitivity, purifying and sanitizing the base of the scalp for more powerful and effective action. Provides a great feeling of comfort, resulting in completely revitalized hair.



Since strength is built from within, EKILIBRIUM treatments strengthen the scalp's defenses and attempt to optimize the pH balance for healthy, balanced hair.



Capilo -Hydra.in 

Ultimate Organic Rescue


Capilo -Hydra.in Ultimate Organic Rescue

 Hydra.in is a line of treatments dedicated to extrme hair rescue.  The main function of these products is to nourish, repair and strengthen damaged, unbalanced hair or hair that has lost its density.